OK, after lots of convincing, I finally gave in and put up my own blog. Blame my friend slash greatest “fan”, Charlene Antoinette Mamaril Javier a.k.a Hybrid Cha (or Karmic). Haha! Well, the idea came from our usual conversations about her blog and our common interest in music, which is my first love, by the way. Everytime we would meet, Karmic would always convince me to put up my own blog. She would always tell me that I’m an “authority” when it comes to music and that I should have a “place” where I can put all my thoughts and knowledge about music. I was hesitant at first, to be completely honest. Thing is, I actually think blogging isn’t my thing. Plus, the fact that I fail big time in maintaining my personal accounts / websites. Even my e-mails, I fail to check sometimes. But I like the idea of having my own blog. She didn’t actually know but I was considering it. So one day, I started making my blog. I thought so hard about this one that even on my way to work, I would think of what to have on my blog to make it unique.

So, enough of the long introductions.

Ladies and Gents, Today, on my 26th birthday, I officially launch the product of my LOVE for MUSIC. Sit back, chillax and enjoy reading my music blog. This is… STRONGER THAN MUSIC.

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