STM Spotlight: Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber (that surname pronounced as BEE-bər). This 15-year-old boy from Canada is currently taking the US (and the world) by storm. Thanks to millions of YouTube fans and an army of adolescent devotees. Sure, there’s also a number of people who dislike the boy. Some would even comment about his looks. But admit it or not, Bieber’s the name to beat (at least in today’s teen pop arena). To the words of his mentor, Usher, “He had all the nuance of a classic artist,” “He had swagger. And most important, he had talent.”

Not really a hardcore fan of this boy but I must admit, I’m starting to appreciate his kind of music. I can’t help but remember the time when I was hooked on Aaron Carter during his teens. I actually think Bieber and Carter have the same makings/characteristics of a successful pop star. The only difference is that Bieber’s music is more on the Pop-RnB genre while Carter’s music is more on the Pop-Rap category. But both have the looks, the fans and most importantly, the talent.

OK, back to Mr. Bieber. If you’re into Twitter, I guess you also noticed that this guy is almost always a trending topic. That alone is proof that this teen heartthrob has lots of fans (all over the world). Check his official YouTube account and you’ll be amazed that his debut video “One Time” already has 47,936,685 views (as of this writing).

Since his US debut, Bieber has already released two (2) official singles off his debut EP, “My World”: “One Time” and “One Less Lonely Girl”, which peaked at numbers 20 and 16, respectively on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. Two digital singles off the same EP were also released, “Love Me” (which is my favorite!) and “Favorite Girl”, which peaked at numbers 27 and 26 in the US, respectively.

Bieber’s getting ready to release the follow-up to his platinum-selling EP, “My World” (975,000 units sold to date in the US). On March 23, 2010, his fans will finally be able to listen to JB’s new materials via “My World 2.0”. His first single off “2.0”, the song “Baby” which features rapper Ludacris, has already peaked at number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100, giving Mr. Bieber his highest peak to date. The second single off “2.0” was released on March 2nd. The song “Never Let You Go” was written/produced by power producers Johnta Austin and Bryan-Michael Cox.

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