STM Album Review: Teenage Dream - Katy Perry

Teenage Dream
Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)
California Gurls
Circle The Drain
The One That Got Away
Who Am I Living For?
Hummingbird Heartbeat
Not Like The Movies

Two years after the release of "One of the Boys," Katy Perry is back with a new album which is full of fun pop-dance-rock music. Released on August 24, 2010 in the US, Katy's new album is called "Teenage Dream" which is also the title of her current single off the album.

If you love the album's first single, "California Gurls," then I am sure you're going to love this album. Perry was able to pass the "second album drought" with this effort and managed to come up with one of the most enjoyable pop albums ever though I must admit this isn't the most cohesive album but who cares?

"This album rocks!" That was my reaction after listening to it for the first time. Katy definitely delivered with "Teenage Dream". Not too surprised though coz its Executive Producer is none other than ASCAP's Songwriter of the Year, the one and only Lukasz "Dr. Luke" Gottwald, who also produced Ke$ha's number one album "Animal".

If you're curious about how "fun" this album sounds like, I'd say it's 12x the energy of "California Gurls". You're going to love almost every song in this album if you're a big fan of great pop music, that I guarantee.

Teenage Dream, Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.), California Gurls, Firework, The One That Got Away, E.T., Pearl, Hummingbird Heartbeat

Circle The Drain

Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.), Fireworks



Britney Spears' "Glee" Episode Update

Here's the two latest tweets from Britney Spears herself on the set of her 'Glee' episode:

All my GLEEKERS in the crowd, Grab a partner take it down -Brit

Had so much fun on set today. My new BFF’s…. -Britney

So, they recreated Britney Spears' music video for "Me Against The Music" but this time, Britney plays the role of Madonna and Glee star Heather Morris (who plays Brittany in the show) portrays the role of Britney Spears.

Can't wait for this episode which airs September 28 (September 29 in the Philippines).


4 years ago today, who would've thought that these five boys would conquer the hearts of J-Pop and K-Pop fans? I'm talking about the charming boys of BIGBANG - GD, T.O.P., Daesung, Taeyang and my personal favorite, Seungri.

HAPPY 4TH ANNIVERSARY, BIGBANG! I promise to be a fan until 4ever.


STM Event: Adam Lambert - The Glam Nation Tour Live in Manila!

It's OFFICIAL, Adam Lambert fans! Our favorite American Idol is going to Manila for a one-night-only concert on October 10, 2010 at the Mall of Asia Open Grounds! Yes, you read it right! Adam is bringing The Glam Nation Tour in Manila! So get your dancing shoes and leather outfits ready and let's rock the night away on 10.10.10! Mark your calendars, Glamberts! Tickets go on sale soon!  STM will give you an update once they're available.

Britney Spears to Appear on "Glee"


Britney fans, rejoice! After previous speculation that the pop star would not appear on a Glee episode dedicated to her hits, the show’s creator says the queen of pop will indeed be joining the kids of William McKinley High School come season 2.

Britney, I think 100 percent, is going to be on the episode,” Ryan Murphy, Glee creator, told Ryan Seacrest on his radio show Tuesday morning.

The show is racking up quite a repertoire of A-List guests, including John Stamos, Carol Burnett and Javier Bardem, and Murphy credits this celebrity attention to the show’s message.

“The show is, by its nature, about arts education,” he says, “and I think everybody wants to support that.”

Although Murphy says he’s not sure of the exact role Spears will play, the episode will be a dream come true — literally.

“The fun thing about the episode, how we’re doing it, is all the Britney Spears numbers are fantasies,” he says. “They have fantasies about how they can be like her.”

Murphy also addressed rumors that Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison) was going to shave his head in homage of Spears’s infamous haircut: “The Britney episode, I’m here to say, is so reverential about her and so kind, and it’s about her music and not about her personal life,” he says. “We’re handling Britney with kids gloves.”

Murphy also said that he hopes to feature music by Prince, the Beatles or Michael Jackson on the post-Super Bowl episode of Glee, although no plans have been made yet. – Alison Schwartz

STM World Premiere: Something 'Bout Love - David Archuleta

The long wait is finally over! The most awaited video for David Archuleta's new single, "Something 'Bout Love" is now out!

Checkout the amazing video below:

Britney Spears officially sells over 100 million records

Britney Spears isn’t even on the radar right now, but she still continues to sell records. Lady Gaga might be the hottest thing on the market right now, but it will be a while before she surpasses Spears.

The Recording Industry Association of America has announced that Spears has officially sold over 100 million records, making her the best selling artist of the 2000’s, joining the ranks of Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey who have also sold over 100 million albums. 

Britney’s phenomenal sales first began in the late nineties, when her debut album “…Baby One More Time“  went Diamond and sold around 28 million copies worldwide. Her next effort “Oops… I Did It Again” was also certified Diamond and sold 20 million copies in total, putting Britney close to 50 million albums sold off her first two releases alone.

Billboard ranked Britney as the biggest selling female artist of the past decade, the best selling teenager in history and one of the highest selling female artists of all time. All six of her studio albums have topped the Billboard charts, except for 2007′s 3 million selling Blackout which peaked at #2.

Source: Hollywood News


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