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OK, I guess the album review I did yesterday was the blog's most visited post this month so I decided to make another one. Also because of the fact that I needed to write my additional thoughts on Christina Aguilera's "Bionic".

After listening to it quite a few times on my iPod, I must admit that "Bionic" is growing on me big time! Still not a fan of the ballads (I didn't actually include them on music player) but the upbeat songs are getting better and better by every listen! Let me give you my thoughts on songs that standout:

BIONIC - This is the prefect song to open the album. A "welcome to my world" kind of song.

NOT MYSELF TONIGHT - I already made my review on this one. After listening to the whole album, NMT remained to be one of my favorite songs off "Bionic". I love the "GaGa beats" on it. Too bad it failed big time on Billboard, not even managing to enter the Top 20.

WOOHOO - Right from the time it hit the net, I already loved this song which features rapper Nicki Minaj. Very R&B and Aguilera's vocals is soaring in this track. The beat kind of tells you  to get your ass up and jam. And oh,  how can we not love Minaj's bad ass rap? The song  kinda reminds me of Beyonce's "Single Ladies".

ELASTIC LOVE - One of my favorite tracks off the album! Kinda reminds me of Britney Spears' "Freakshow". The strong synths give you the big O while listening to it. Lyrically, it was kind of genius except for the chorus which is kinda repetitive.

DESNUDATE - The title (which means "Get Naked") says it all. It's a sex song. Again, repetitive lyrics but seek beats. I love the fact that it's latin-flavored. Wish it was shorter though coz it gets kinda boring towards the end which kinda makes you skip to the next song.

GLAM - This song is all about fashion and being glamorous. Every girl could probably relate to this. Must be one of my least favorite off my "favorite list". I just can't relate to the lyrics.

PRIMA DONNA - Her vocals on this one can be compared to her vocals on "Fighter". Bad side about this track is that the verses are kind of "lazy" but picks up when you get to the chorus.

I HATE BOYS - This, in my opinion, is the strongest track off "Bionic" commercial-wise. Once you hear the bass-driven intro, it'll get you energized and will surely have you on your feet dancing. Downside is that it sounds a lot like Britney Spears' "Radar" and it is too short. An added verse would've made it perfect.

MY GIRLS - For me, this track would summarize what "Bionic" is all about - girls getting together, dancing and having fun. Also one of the strongest tracks off the album, this would  also fit perfectly on Gwen Stefani's record,  "Love. Angel. Music. Baby."

VANITY - This is Christina's most egocentric song on the album, talking about how "pretty" and "sexy" she is and even claiming that she "owns the throne". Let's give her the right to fantasize, it's her song and album after all.

Overall, I would say that Aguilera was wise enough to pick up music styles from past works of Britney Spears, Lady GaGa, Beyonce and Madonna and incorporated them into "Bionic". Not saying that she copied them, but obviously, she got ideas from these artists which is very much evident on songs that make up this album. Vocally, Christina still delivered and didn't sound too different from how she sounded on "Stripped". Lyrically though, this album is inferior to "Stripped" as songs on "Bionic" were more of the party anthem and sex anthem types.

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