STM Album Review: Bionic - Christina Aguilera


1. Bionic
2. Not Myself Tonight
3. Woohoo feat. Nicki Minaj
4. Elastic Love
5. Desnudate
6. Love & Glamour (intro)
7. Glam
8. Prima Donna
9. Morning Dessert (intro)
10. Sex For Breakfast
11. Lift Me Up
12. My Heart (Intro)
13. All I Need
14. I Am
15. You Lost Me
16. I Hate Boys
17. My Girls feat. Peaches
18. Vanity

Pop Diva Christina Aguilera is all set to release her first album in 4 years on June 8, 2010. 'Bionic' as the album is called, is going to be "very futuristic" according to Aguilera herself. After listening to the album in full, I would say, it didn't turn out that way. 'Bionic' turned out to be  somewhat similar to Aguilera's previous effort, "Stripped". From pop to electro to power ballads, Christina did seem to have experimented with the sound of this album and good enough, the album turned out quite solid, in my honest opinion. 

I really love that fact that she went out of her shell this time and tried to make a lot of upbeat songs. Though I wish she made a full dance album out of this one and stayed away from the boring ballads for a change. Well obviously, I'm not a fan of the slow songs included in the album (Sex For Breakfast, Lift Me Up, All I Need, You Lost Me). This has got to be Aguilera's weakest line-up of ballads so far. None of the slow songs would actually match the caliber of her previous ballads like "I Turn to You", "Beautiful" and "The Voice Within" nor make a potential radio hit. I was actually expecting a lot from the Linda Perry-penned "Lift Me Up" but she did not deliver this time.

On a positive note, this has got to be Christina's second best album. I love "Stripped" hands down but "Bionic" is on a close second place. It kinda makes you wanna dance once you  pop this disc on your player and keeps you wanting for more until somewhere at the middle, you lose the energy and get bored of the shallow ballads. That's only until "You Lost Me" though coz once  "I Hate Boys" starts playing, you'll once again get off your feet and dance your butt off until the album's last track. Had it been a few tracks shorter, 'Bionic" would've been one of the greatest dance-pop albums out there along with the likes of Britney Spears' "Blackout", Madonna's "Confessions on a Dance Floor" and Rihanna's "Good Girl Gone Bad".

REPEAT: Not Myself Tonight, WooHoo, Elastic Love, Desnudate, Glam, I Hate Boys, My Girls, Vanity
SKIP: Sex For Breakfast, Lift Me Up, All I Need, You Lost Me



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