Britney Spears - Telephone

Early this month, blogger Perez Hilton leaked Britney Spears' version of Lady GaGa's hit, "Telephone" on his site.  I was actually contemplating whether to post this one or not, so it took some time before I posted it. Just hours after Perez premiered the song on his blog, #BritneySpears actually became a trending topic on Twitter and on Yahoo! For weeks, it's been the topic on the net, with fans arguing about which version is better, Britney or GaGa? It's a known fact that the song was originally written by Lady GaGa for Britney's "Circus" album but did not make the cut.

It should be noted though that this is just a demo version.  Song producer, Darkchild confirmed that it's really Britney but this was in the very early stage of recording. This isn't a mixed version. Nonetheless, I actually love BOTH versions. They're both original. I guess we have to stop comparing these artists now and just appreciate their music. Checkout Britney's "Telephone" below:

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