STM World Premiere: Somebody To Love - Justin Bieber featuring Usher

Last week, STM brought you the behind-the-scenes look of  Justin Bieber's new video for his latest single, "Somebody To Love". Now, this has got to be an exciting day for all 'Bieliebers' coz we finally get to witness the premiere of Justin's newest video, in full HD glory! The music video premiered last night on the hit TV show, 'So You Think You Can Dance' and features Usher and bad ass dance groups from the said show.

The video for "Somebody To Love" was directed by the great American music video director, Dave Meyers who also directed Britney Spears' "Lucky" and P!nk's "Don't Let Me Get Me", to name a few. 

I dare say that this clip has got to be Justin Bieber's best music video so far in his career. I'm actually amazed at how Meyer treated this video. Bad ass dancing and pure epicness throughout! He really did an amazing job on the effects. The choregraphy is also nothing but bad ass. The fact that the video featured different dance groups in every scene made it entertaining to watch coz we got to see Justin Bieber's different sides. On one scene, we get to see school boy Justin with his signature cap and monster beats headphones, on  another, he's on fire  with Usher. And the best part? Justin himself danced in this clip and showed us his swagger. I'm sure a lot of his fans were thrilled to finally see him dance his butt off on a music video coz honestly, that is what's missing with this boy. He's got the complete package but he doesn't dance. I guess he finally listened to his fans and finally gave us more than what we're expecting from him. Enjoy the video after the break!

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