Namie Amuro Set To Conquer Manila?

Drive by Clover Leaf in Balintawak and you'll see Namie Amuro's huge Coke Zero billboard (same as this)! It's even bigger than the billboards of Philippines' popular stars Marian Rivera and Angel Locsin! 

My jaw literally dropped when I saw Namie Amuro's "Wild" Coke Zero Commercial playing on Philippine TV. My first reaction was "Oh my God! Namie on Philippine TV? What the?! For real?" I was in awe! I've been a fan of hers since "Baby Don't Cry" and one of my wildest dream is for her to be launched here in Manila like what happened to other J-Pop artists like BoA, Tohoshinki and BIGBANG. I even remember asking Universal Music Philippines to release Namie Amuro's albums here in the Philippines during the height of K-Pop's popularity here. Have they heard my request? Well, they could've.

For those who didn't know her, Namie Amuro is a Japanese singer, entertainer, and former actress, who, at the height of her popularity, was referred to as the “Teen Queen” and “Queen of Japanese pop music or J-pop”. Over a decade since her musical debut, Amuro has remained one of the longest surviving popular female acts in Japan. She is the only Japanese female artist to have achieved a Top 10 single each year for fourteen consecutive years. In the country at present, she is becoming more and more known as the Japanese singing sensation who’s gone “wild”; wild at the charts and wild at heart.

Through the support of renowned Japanese record label Avex Entertainment Inc., Amuro’s hit single “Wild” was released in the Philippines recently. The track is dance, R&B and club driven with a futuristic vibe. It marked Amuro’s 11th number one single in Japan. This is the same song playing as the background music on Namie's Coke Zero Commercial which you can watch below:


Anonymous said...

she's come a long way since she was a kid

Cloverly said...

Thanks for the info, nice share!


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