The STM Experience: INTENSITY - Rain and U-KISS Live in Manila

So, I was lucky enough to win 4 Gold tickets (at 3,095 pesos each) to Rain and U-Kiss' concert last night at the Mall of Asia Open Grounds. Thanks to Smart and PinoyExchange! I went to the concert with two of my best pals, Hybrid Cha and Tina. Too bad, our friend Issa was not able to join us for the concert, so we had one spare ticket. If only the tickets were given to me earlier, I would've raffled one for you, my blog readers.

We arrived at the venue at about 7:30pm. Still not a lot of people there, compared to the David Archuleta-David Cook concert I attended there back in 2009 which was already jam-packed hours before the actual concert.

Christian Bautista was the first to perform on stage. He sang 3 songs: One Way's "Wrong Number," "Beautiful Girl" and "The Way You Look At Me."

Next up were the boys of U-KISS who sang 4 songs, including their hit, "Bingeul, Bingeul."

At around 9:30 the main act started his set. Korean Superstar Rain emerged in the middle of the stage on his white suit, black body fit shirt, black skinny jeans and killer shades, to the delight of the audience.

Rain sang a total of 9 songs. You can see the actual setlist below:
  • It’s Raining
  • Touch Ya
  • How to Avoid the Sun
  • I Do
  • Love Song
  • Love Story
  • Rainism
  • Hip Song
  • Instead of Saying Goodbye

Personally, the part of the show I enjoyed the most was when Rain sang "How to Avoid the Sun." It was very visually appealing. That sunset backdrop left me in awe. Very picturesque, I should say.

Overall, I would say I enjoyed watching Rain perform live. As a hardcore fan of music, he's definitely one of the artists I would want to see perform live. And it's surreal to finally see it happen. Though it was a little too short for a concert (yup, no encore), Rain still gave his fans one of their best nights ever. It was a night full of high-energy dance numbers and bad ass visual effects, not to mention the constant flashing of Rain's to-die-for abs which always made the crowd scream.

Checkout the rest of the pictures below:
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Prosti said...

Aw, I missed the concert too. I won Az contest but since I can't make it on time for the concert I let others win it. :(

1up Entertainment said...

I also missed the concert.. aw..


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