STM Spotlight: BIGBANG

BIGBANG are (L to R): T.O.P, Seungri (V.I.), Taeyang (Sol), G-Dragon (G.D.) and Daesung (D-Lite).

Big Bang (stylized as BIGBANG) is a South Korean hip-hop boyband. The group first gained recognition when their formation was documented on television, titled the Big Bang Documentary, from July to August 2006. The show was also aired online on GomTV and on MTV Korea. 

Signed to YG Entertainment, Big Bang went on to release a string of modestly successful singles and EPs. They broke into the mainstream with the release of the EP Always (2007), which spawned the number-one single "Lies". Their follow-up EP, "Hot Issue" and "Stand Up" cemented their status as one of the reigning hip-hop groups in South Korea. After being crowned "Artist of the Year" at the KM Music Festival and the Seoul Gayo Daesang Award, the group expanded their activities to Japan, releasing several mini-albums and airplay singles. Their materials would not receive proper promotions until the following year with the release of their first physical Japanese single "My Heaven."

By the end of 2009, Big Bang became the most searched artist in South Korea. They also became the first foreign group in Japan to receive the Japan Cable Broadcasting Award for "Best Newcomer" and the first from Korea to receive the Japan Records honor.

Their most recently single, "Lollipop Pt. 2", which is a follow-up to their previous single with another Korean act, 2NE1, topped charts all over South Korea, Japan and the rest of Asia. Big Bang is getting ready to release a new album in Korea by summer. They just finished their Electric Love Tour in Japan. And another Japanese single, "Tell Me Goodbye" is scheduled for release on June 9, 2010.

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